Getting Into The Music Industry

Getting noticed in the music industry is really no different than other careers. And a successful musician will think of his music business as just that – a career. Record label executives are not interested in what you will do. A very fitting quote by hip hop artist Kevin Gates is “say what you doing and not what you finna do.”

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This means that it’s important to establish what you’ve accomplished and demonstrate an upward trajectory in your career. Anyone can pull a dream from the sky and pitch it in eloquent tones. A&R guys want to be shown what you’re doing and what you’ve done; you’ll never even get in the door without something to show unless you have some otherworldly potential.

If you’re not a prodigy, getting into the industry is going to be a bit harder because you will need to prove more before you are even given an opportunity.

Do you have a demo recording? Do you play live shows? How many? What is the extent of your current fan base?

These are questions a successful musician will be able to easily handle with a dynamic approach to self promotion.

Get the word out about your band, new recordings and upcoming shows through social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and others. Start with friends and spread out to other users to build a solid fan base.

It is still possible to get signed to a recording deal after winning a musical competition, and it doesn’t have to be American Idol either. Many cities have venues that host competitions and others are held on regional and state levels as well as online. Having awards under your belt only adds to your band’s reputation.

If you have already built a strong fan base when you get your demo into the hands of a recording executive, that is only going to make the attractiveness of your music all the more to those who hold the purse strings.

Here are some more tips from Nick Gatfield who was at the time, CEO of Sony Music (UK). In fact, the very first tip he shares is that you shouldn’t send anything unsolicited. Create your buzz FIRST!

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